↘ our Philosophy is full of pain.

With COPAIN, we want to bring the original idea and the original taste of handmade bread closer to the people again and remind them of what real bread craft means. We convey this in a show bakery where you can watch the bakers at work, buy freshly baked bread and enjoy it together with a COPAIN.

↘ We bake genuinely handmade, fresh, quality bread that is 100% made on site.


↘ We produce with a long fermentation process and sourdough to make bread sustainable, healthy and above all tasty again.


↘ We only use selected raw materials. No additives or premixes (100% transparency of ingredients)


↘ Our commitment is to provide healthy, local and seasonal products.


↘ It is very important for us to use local and seasonal products. You won’t find strawberry pastries at our shop during winter, even though we love them as much as you do.